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EZcan Question


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For those who have installed this module, I have a question: I am in the process of installing (2) sets of Baja Designs driving lights, My question is whether anyone one has done this, and used the EZcan as the controller for both sets of lights. I am concerned about conflicts in the software in terms of controlling the effectiveness of 1. the on/off 2. each set of lights' relative intensity, and 3. the special features like turning signal coordination and uptick in intensity when you hit the horn etc. Am looking to be reassured that these functions can be independently controlled by the Hex unit without conflicts.


Any experience with the EZcan would be much appreciated.




Dave R.

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I do not have two set of light experience but I have been running the 2 wire and beta tested the 3 wire exCAN.


What I know is you have 2 10 Amp channels that are controlled independently.


Now if your two sets of lights are below 10 Amp each set, you should have no issue setting independent settings on each set.


I am not sure how it will work out if you are over the 10 amp limit on either set of LEDs? Once you loose the two 10 amp "light"channels you can not set those options on the brake or aux channel.


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If I understand what you're asking, you can't do what you want. I assume you want to mount a "big" pair and a "little" pair (flood/spot, white/yellow, whatever) using the two pigtails provided for controlling the lights.


You can't selectively turn on one pigtail or the other - you get both all the time. Similarly, dimming works on both pigtails simultaneously.


So if you put one big and one little light on each pigtail, they'll both come on at the same relative brightness, will turn on/off and change brightness together, and you can have turn signal flashing with one big and one little light on each side. You can't control one pigtail separately from the little ones.


Twisted Throttle sells a modified version called CANSmart. It looks identical to the ezCAN except it has 3-wire plugs. Its software does allow you to control each pigtail separately (on/off, dimming) but you give up turn signal flashing, because if it were enabled you'd end up flashing both "big" lights for the left turn signal, and both "little" lights for the right turn signal


There's no way to do what you want without each light having its own pigtail, in other words four pigtails, on the ezCAN unit.


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ezCAN is now 3 wire.


If you are under 10 AMP for two lights on left and 2 lights on right channel.


An no you could not have a small pair and a big pair of light work independent. Both sets would have to dim, or go off with turn signal and so on.


I misunderstood you wanted to control them as separate settings on each channel.




And while it is not in the config menu, you can do what is listed for each set according to the cansmart bike control features. I have to see if the new 3 wire ezCAN allows this same function from the turn signal switch and wonder wheel. Since it is made by ezCAN I would think you can.


"Auxiliary Lights On/Off

Press the turn signal cancel button for three seconds to turn on/off light set #1, or pulse three times fast to turn on/off light set #2.


Dimming Auxiliary Lights

Hold the "Wonderwheel" left (for light set one) or right (for light set two) for three seconds to enter dimming mode. You can then scroll the wheel up or down to customize the high and low beam intensity for each set of lights."


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You definitely can NOT do the turn signal thing with the CANsmart. I know, I've tried, I've talked to TT and they agree it can't be done. ezCAN is able to do it because it's intended to have a left light and a right one. The software is written so it works on/off and brightness on both channels together, and controls each channel separately when flashing.


OTOH, CANsmart is intended to have an "A" pair and a "B" pair, and the software is modified so on/off and brightness are controlled separately for each channel (pigtail). It also knows if an OEM turn signal light is flashing as a turn signal or as a 4-way. Each channel can be set to flash in opposition to the 4-ways but the software ignores turn signals.


Even if you only put one light on each CANsmart channel instead of two as intended, you can't do turn signal flashing. If you do it that way, you adjust the brightness of left and right separately and turn each of them on and off separately. Which is how I originaly set mine up but decided it was stupid to do it that way, so I put both lights on one pigtail, left the other unused, and am debating whether to spend more money on a 3-wire ezCAN just to get turn signal flashing (probably not).


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Best advise is send a e-mail of to HEX the makers of ezCAN.


On the turn signal on the two wire you got that side running light turns off when the turn signal is activated.


On the 3 wire new ezCAN you get both running lights off when either turn signal is activated. It is not possible at this time for the one running light out with that sides turn signal.


It matters little to me as I updated all my turn signal bulbs to LED from Dynamic Motorrad. Not cheap but if you use ADVRIDER in the coupon code it helps bring the cost down 10% I think. They are the brightest bulbs I have ever seen in a turn signal. It makes the running lights going off on a turn signal indication a moot point.

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Getting back to why I originally started this thread: I had purchased the Skene controller as an integral part of the Baja Designs dimmer harness that BD makes up, with the idea of running the 2nd set of lights with it. Bill at Skene was kind enough to supply a replacement controller for the faulty one shipped by BD. This time, I paid for the upgrade to the IQ-275A which adds the alert feature to the Skene setup. My ultimate determination is that I decided to reject my own second thought of controlling (2) sets of lights with the EZcan, as I determined this functionality had not been provided for adequately by HEX, and would lead to all kinds of software conflicts. Also, after an in-depth study of the wiring schemes provided both by Skene (this one gets an A+) and Baja Designs (this one gets a D-) I determined that it is necessary to carve out the red wire from the BD Dimmer Harness, and run it separately from the orange and Violet wires, to a switched 12V power source. . . . .in this case, the EZcan. This is important, because we on-road riders don't need our auxiliary lights to be possibly left on (by mistake) and burn out our batteries overnight when we are on the road (not true with off-roaders, which is the DNA embedded in the Baja Designs culture). This Skene controller/BD lighting/dimmer combination is definitely a less expensive way to get to a quality setup. One heads up on the EZcan: according to their tech support people: if you want to use channel #4, normally used for brake lights etc., you need to put the intensity up to 100% in the software, and disable all of the brake light functionality and the channel will deliver 12V and 4 amps continuously, while the bike is on and running. A final caveat with the EZcan is that if you decide not to use a given channel, be sure to install the blind ended plugs that HEX so thoughtfully supplies 2 of for this eventuality. If you don't, there may be software conflicts. There is one software issue that HEX tech support brought to my attention that was very helpful: If you are running Bit Defender Anti-virus on your computer, when you configure the EZcan or update the firmware, disable it, or it won't let you proceed.



Whew! This has sure been more complicated than I expected when I started this thread. Be advised that the principals discussed here are true for most BMW's, since the bike I am currently trying this setup on is an R1200RT LC. Definitely applies to the K1600, as well, though.




Dave R.


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