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'18 RT Switched power source


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I'm planning to transfer this tank bag rig with V1 and cell phone charger to a new R1200RT. I used the switched connector located behind the front edge of the tank of my '09 K1300GT. I believe this was intended for GPS connection. After a brief inspection of a new RT, and working through the various forums, I haven't been able to identify a handy switched power source. My fallback plan is to remove some plastic and route an unswitched fused lead to the front of the tank. I would prefer switched power. I'm hoping someone can help me find switched power similar to my current setup.






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Front Aux. socket is switched, rear also.


You could use either outlet to power a relay and then use a fused connection from the battery to your tank bag.

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Thanks to both...sounds simple enough. I found the CANBUS outlets unreliable for powering accessories on an older RT, but it worked fine on the KGT.


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