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trailering from Atlanta to Palmer Gulch looking for possible riders


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So there is not much I want to ride between Chattanooga and Sioux Falls in the middle of the summer, been there done that :-)


I am trailering out using my diesel truck and 3 bike trailer

Route is




St. Louis

Kansas City


Sioux Falls

Palmer Gulch


Tentatively I am leaving Atlanta on Friday 7/20/2018 around 8pm EST (miss Atlanta rush hour traffic)

drive straight through and arrive Palmer Gulch around 8pm CMT

ride Sunday - Friday am.


Leave Palmer Gulch around 2pm CMT on Friday 7/27/2018

Arrive back in Atlanta around 5pm EST on Saturday 7/28/2018


Looking for other riders to share fuel costs. PM if interested. thanks


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Have a safe trip! I'm sitting in a sweltering train station looking at the weather next weekend and thinking your air conditioned truck sounds pretty good. If you were rolling to the west coast “on the way” to Palmer gulch i might take you up on the offer ;)


Of course then I wouldn't get to ride Lolo Pass....

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I think you should stop on the Cumberland Plateau and kidnap Alan. Even if he can't ride, what's a BMWST event without Foot!?!


Sorry I couldn't join the road trip but I'm leaving at dawn Weds, hope to make Beaver Creek CO by Thurs night. Will be in that general vicinity till Mon, so if anyone has any must-not-miss rides in central CO, please let me know!

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