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The Juan and only.


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Juan's board name is "One". He didn't post often and didn't get to meet many of us. I was one of the lucky ones because I got to see him in his home country of Mexico and when he came to my home in Texas as well as Colorado. We met in 2006 when he came to San Antonio to go shopping with his beautiful loving wife Aline, half way through dinner I knew we would be friends forever. I did not know how soon forever would come. I thought by waiting all this time (almost 9 months since his passing) I could write this without breaking down.....can't. Just picturing Juan with Aline is very difficult for me.


Juan made people around him feel special just by the way he looked at you. He loved to make fun of himself and lift those around him with kind words and compliments. I Loved Juan and wish I could be like him.


It's raining on my keyboard.


RIP Juan Ma González


Juan leading us through Mexico, (Scott Rote..Red Racer waiting to fill up)



His last post on Facebook.





Juan and Aline








The world to him


Aline González Bellon (daughter), Juan Carlos González Bellon (son), Aline Annette Bellon Topete



We will ride again my friend







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That's the tough part about this social media thing...especially here. Your circle of friends & family that you care about spreads out far and wide. Sorry to hear... :(




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I had the honor of meeting Juan and Aline at the Whip's in Salida and then spending the Red Lodge UnRally in their presence. Such loving people, toward others and especially toward each other. Soulmates doesn't even begin to cover it. A true example of how Love should be. Each devoted completely to the happiness and support of the other and expecting nothing in return, yet receiving more than they each gave simply because that's who the other was.


Whip lost a great friend. I lost a new friend. Aline and her family lost their shining star of a father/husband. The world lost a Teacher.


Que descanses en paz, mi amigo.

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From Juan's wife Aline.


" Dear Larry... Dear all... I read this and had mixed emotions, and yes, it also rained on my keyboard 😢 I thank you so much from the bottom of my 💔 what you dared to share w/all of us, with this you helped me get connected with the rest of the people that we were delighted to meet on that great trip to Colorado; He was so happy since we were invited, that was our conversation (usually) from February to July 2016. We REALLY enjoyed the trip and meeting such wonderful people. Someone wrote that he had health issues and that he never complained... He REALLY NEVER COMPLAINED... To me my husband, my lover, the great father of our kids,my best friend...MY EVERYTHING tried to enjoy life at it's fullest, and I went with him where ever he wanted to go, 'cause we both compromised/and said we would stick together for better or for worse... And we did it for 35 years of marriage plus 2 1/2 years dating... We had good times and bad times as everybody does, but we decided to work on everything together...always...

My dearest Juan... He was not perfect, he was a normal man, w/defects & virtues... But he ALWAYS tried to do things as best as possible... And had great results, at least for/me 😬

Thank you Fer for what you wrote, true poetry, we did not even realize that you saw us that way... It has filled my heart and giving me some cheering up for what you all wrote about us...specially about Juan, THANK YOU AGAIN.

Juan was really close to God & and in this grief I can tell you that he died in peace... He passed away July 5th, 2017 at 8:15 am.

I miss him soooooo much... I cry everyday (sometimes more than others) I understand that it was the best for him, but my heart is a bit stubborn and wants him HERE... I'm working on that.

I THANK YOU ALL SOOOOOOO MUCH for having my hubby as your friend!!! Hopefully I will see you all again someday soon... It would be great... God be with you all ðŸ™ðŸ»...Big squishy hugs to you all...

Aline ðŸ™ðŸ»ðŸ™…ðŸ¼"

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People who knew Juan will definitely miss him. I had the pleasure of tagging along with him and his lovely wife Aline on the way to Red Lodge. When my bike broke down in Colorado, they were kind enough to give this stranger a ride up to Montana with them. Even though missing out on the great riding in Montana due to my bike breaking down was a bad thing, it also had a benefit. It gave me the chance to spend time getting to know Juan and Aline that I otherwise would've missed out on by riding. These are two world-class people that I'm thankful to have met and spent time with. I was sad when I heard the news of Juan's passing and it always seems like the good people you want around you pass way too quickly. "The candle that burns twice as bright, burns half as long." I would've loved to have seen him again and hopefully when it's my time I will. Vaya con Dios mi amigo. :cry:

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