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ZTechnik Windshield

Stu K

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i had the stock tall, the Cee Bailey Sport and tall, then got the Z Technik standard on my 1100RT. gave the rest away .

When the tall ZT came out, tried that for two weeks, then traded back . i'm 6' 4" with tall torso , stubby legs.


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Liked my Cee Bailey on my '99 RT and it is interesting to read that Z Technik was notably better. I'll be upgrading my windshield before next year as well and was leaning toward the quiet ride based on info read here, but would rule out a Z Technik.


Crap! Now more rumination will have to be done.

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As far as i know , ZT still has a "satisfaction" return policy where you buy the thing, try it , and send back if you don't like it.

if you don't like , you're out return postage .

pretty safe bet.

many large dealerships stock the popular ZT screens where you can buy and try in town .

at this point , don't expect them to have an R1100RT screen in stock, but newer bikes, very likely .

The tall 1100RT screen was great but i didn't care for its angle when in full down. it seemed too close to my beak.

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Height of the screen, which is going to matter a lot, is hard to recommend. A 25" V Stream is a lot taller than the stock 24" for instance as it is more straight from the mounting point compared to stock. So it sits taller in the parked position. The V Stream is one of two aftermarket screens that are made of polycarbonate. National Cycle makes the V STream, they also make the OEM windshields for BMW ( your Wethead RT screen has the National Cycle logo on it ).


Comparing what worked on an 1100-1150 has no bearing on what works on another bike.

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thanks for the info....thats why I was wondering as there are many alternatives, and wanted to get some perspective on the ZTecch as i most definitely like looking over rather than through the screen. Big difference coming off a cruiser both in terms of helmet and turbulence...still trying to figure my comfort zone.

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