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Battery Tender Plus.

Marty Hill

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Have several I use to keep the bikes charged. Leaving for month and hooked one up to my Porsche...nothing! Will it work if left on longer or is it useless for a car battery?





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Marty...that's unusual. I use them on boat, motorcycle, car, truck, and airplane without issue. Maybe a cable issue or bad connection. Try it on something else before you chunk it

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David, I tried 2 different ones. Perhaps they need more time to get started charging? I'll hook one up and leave it for awhile to see if it starts charging. I'm really surprised at it's not working.



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I use them on my rv batteries all the time. I however use another brand other then Battery Tender. Should not matter. Drive it out and I will test it for you. :rofl:

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Check the instructions and FAQ on their website. I believe that a tender will not work on a deeply discharged battery. Although, if you trick the tender into thinking that it is connected to a better battery, it will work. How to do that you ask?


Connect a known, good battery to the the deeply discharged one (POS to POS, NEG to NEG, same voltage of course). Connect the tender to the discharged battery for an hour (or more, if nec). That may give it a sufficient charge to work.


another option: use a booster pack or jumper cables to start the porshe. Drive it for 10-30 minutes to partially charge the battery. Connect the tender. Should work.


I've used these techniques with success on depely discharged Odysseys. YMMV

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Hey Dougie. If that sucker charges the bike and doesn't charge the Porsche I have no idea what the problem is. Not a biggie, I can always get the car recharged when I return.

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Rex, the Porsche is fully charged. I drove it today. I'm about to leave for a month of riding in Europe so I want to put it on a charger. I've got another charger which I'll try later.


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Marty, charger on Porsche is bad. Let me come get it and keep it here

for daily driver. I promise the battery will be fully charged. :rofl:

What are friends for?? :wave:

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I misread your original post, the first time around. Thought you HAD left for a month and surmised you returned to a dead battery.


Tender should work on a car battery, albeit a little slower to bring it to a full charge. Good luck.

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On a side note. Costco has a model of the Deltran Battery Tender that's made under their name. It's a 3 amp model, and will work with both 6 and 12 volt batteries. Without the Costco name, the same charger is about $75. Under the Costco name it's only $30, a screaming deal. I got three of them, one for my bike, one for the boat and one for the RV, that has both 6 and 12 volt batteries.


It's out of stock at this moment but if you keep checking, it will pop up. Last time I went looking it took about a month for it to appear. Here's the link. https://www.costco.com/Battery-Tender-Power-plus-3-Amp-Charger.product.100241973.html?catalogId=10701&keyword=battery+tender&langId=-1&storeId=10301

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