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Passenger Armrest w/49L topcase


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Hello. Does anyone know if the optional passenger armrests for the K1600 GTL will fit/bolt to an RT utilizing the 49L top case? Thank you in advance.

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I looked at the two cases and microfiche (haha old school term) and while I am not sure about the GTL + armrests, I was fairly sure that the GT with just the extra bolsters would. I'd like to have the actual parts to eyeball it before I am a definitive yes. I decided not to do it as my wife liked the added support of the GL pads, but it was not a must have for her and the GT pads are pretty pricey. I imaging the GTL adds another wad of cash to get the armrests


Looks like you have to do some drilling though which would make the change permanent.

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yes the bolsterd up backrest fits fine....


I had wondered about the arm rests also - but I've spent enough on it for the first year - and I like the option of removing the top case easily (the arm rests are bolt-in).

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