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Hexhead GS's


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Looking for some opinions on Hexhead GS bikes. I have a 2003 1150RT and I recently sold an '05 650GS Dakar. Wondering what's good and what's bad on the Hexheads, what years are better than others?

Thanks for the input.

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If you plan on ditching your RT, just know that you'll become a bit more aware of the wind and weather surrounding you. I only mention it because I did a similar thing (two for one) years ago and found out the hard way I wasn't ready to give up all the comforts of the RT, completely.


Good bikes, I'd just suggest to buy the newest & the least used one you can find. :thumbsup:



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Since your RT is an '03, you already know about the whizzy brakes. I believe the '05-'06 GS had them as well. You can decide if you want them on another bike. The common wisdom seems to be the late '08s and '09s are the pick of the hexheads.


Then there is the stupid fuel strips...

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I have a 2011 GSA. Great bike, no complaints. Had a leaking front shock that was replaced under warranty at close to three years in service. I am not sure which year it started but my GS has the float fuel quantity system, not the fuel strip. Had another bike with the fuel strip and you get to change it over and over and over again.

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