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Weather/Gear For MA to FL & Back To MA Sept 16th-26th?


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This trip is not 100%, but I am hoping to make it happen. I have done some rearch about weather, temps, etc, but I'd like to hear it straight from some fellow riders. I have the following Klim gear: Apex Air jacket, Voyager Air pants, Latitude pants and tomorrow, the Klim Apex will be delivered. I'm certain I'd hit a range of hot/warm/cool weather and I'm wondering if the vented Apex(regular, not air) and Latitude pants would suffice? I'm sure I could find someplace to stuff the Apex Air jacket. How about weather? Obviously depends on the route. I do have it mapped out.

Most of the way south would be lower elevations as I'd circumvent NYC/Phili/DC, pick up Rt 13 through DE and access Rt 17 in VA and continue to northern FL. From there, I'd ride secondary highways to Cherokee NC. From there: BRP, Skyline Drive and back to MA. Thoughts on gear, weather? Thanks!


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I'd want as much air as possible and bring along a rain layer. I wouldn't worry *too much* about getting cold - a thermal layer in addition to the rain layer, a couple of good pair of gloves and call it good.


I don't have any experience with Klim's stuff, but I've been riding around the US since last September with a Motoport mesh set; when it's cool I have a thin Patagonia "puff" jacket, and if it's really cool/and or wet, I have the rain liner for the jacket. I've got the liner for the pants as well but have only used that maybe four times in 30,000 miles.



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There is no one piece answer. With your gear I would make sure I had a quality rain jacket and pants. Made for motorcycling. These are invaluable in cold weather as they are the best windbreakers out there. A heated jacket can be a real life saver. The other heated gear is nice, but there are drawbacks running heated everything. Otherwise if you get cold and don't have enough clothing just stop in Walmart and buy some long underwear and fleece pants, long sleeve jersey. As long as it is dry, that is good for chasing away the cold.

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Apex jacket and latitude pants,bring Apex air if you have the space.

You then have 1-2 great venting jackets and built in Goretex top and bottoms.

With a couple pair gloves(vented and waterproof insulated) and good waterproof boots and LDComfort to other wicking underwear or merino wool base layer you should be set.

Take heated vest or liner for those just in case needs.





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Silk layer for "cold".

Packs small.

Or sillk core, fleece pants, for under mesh pants, coupled with rain pants for multi-layer hot to cold, colder, cold/wet, wet.

Although sometimes rain is cooling and you'll dry out "in time" so no rain gear at that time. for long time, or wind/cold.

Probably no need for electrics.

Staying indoors, or camping?

Gloves for hot, colder, wet, wet, at least 2 pair, and/or overgloves.

Have fun.

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Thanks for the responses guys. I think I'll take the mesh and non-mesh jackets along with the Latitude pants(they seem to vent well). Base layers include a combination of LD Comfort/Under Armor hot/cold tops/bottoms. I should be fine without rain gear as the jacket/pants are waterproof and I'll bring the Aerostich triple digit gloves to cover my regular riding gloves(BMW Pro Summer/Winter). I still have my old HD Gaiters if my Firstgear boots decide to leak. I do have a Gerbing jacket liner and T5 gloves, just in case. As always, I will travel with my camping gear, but for some reason, I have never used it! I always plan on camping out for at least a night or two, but always end up staying in a motel. :) Maybe it'll be different this time...I hope. I'm going to do a "mock" pack in a couple of weeks. I'll post some pics at that time. Thanks again!


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Good new, bad news here. The bike is packed and ready to ride...a week early, actually. Not sure how weather is going to impact my eastren seaboard route though. This isn't my first long-distance trip, but it is my first LD trip with an RT. A little more challenging to pack vs my previous Ultra Limteds, but mission accomplished. The Wolfman bag (medium) is a great addition- holds quite a bit and water proof to boot. I'm packing a toal of 73 lbs, nice and evenly distributed. Now for the bad: while out this am to take some pictures of my packed RT, I dropped the bike on its right side. I always think that bikes look nice on their side stand, so I thought I'd prop the RT up. Without great access to the grabs rail (due to the Wolfman bag), I lost my grip and kaboom went the RT. I do have the Ilium front/rear bars, but they dug into the ground a bit, leaving the RT pretty close to flat on its right side. I quickly removed the heavy luggage, made sure the bike was off/in-gear/kick stand up and pulled the bike upright. Thankfully, I have watched videos over the years of how to pick up a dropped bike. Just some scrapes to the RT...nothing major. Pride took a major hit though! :) Here's some pictures.


The Good







The Bad:











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Bummer! :( But now that you have that out of the way, you're good for at least the next fifty thou! :grin:


Please keep that camera rolling once you get rolling on your trip, you do nice work! :thumbsup:



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I am wondering how this is all going to work out. My plan is to leave MA on the 16th and probably be in northern FL by the 19th. I wasn't planning on going any further south than Jacksonville. My southbound route is pretty coastal. I'm not sure if this is going to be possible with the impacts of Irma and (?) Jose. Time will tell.

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The ol' four letter word...time. :)

Any opimions out there are as to the viability of my coastal route with my timimg? I'm guessing with an ETA to SC and FL being 9-10 days, everything should be ok. As long as Jose doesn't end up being a factor.

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