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The Chip!

Ben There

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I have seen several advertisements lately about a chip that promises better performance and fuel economy on my 1998 1100 RT. I've owned my RT for two years and really enjoy the 15,000 miles I put on it, but would not be opposed to better performance and economy. Any one here purchased and installed a chip that can attest to better performance and fuel economy in their R 1100/1150 RT?


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The chip you are referring to I think is made by John the Greek. I've tested lots of solutions. With this one you have to disassemble you $2,000 Motronic take a checkup out and put a newncheip in, all without damaging it. I got one of his chip's and damaged the socket slightly. Testing showed that the fueling was no different with the new chip after the bike had run for a few hours.


He also alters spark andvance, which is a permanent change. The problem I found was that although he advance the spark tables he didn't advance the dwell tables so the dwell became shorter, not ideal.


Lastly he alters tables whose functions he doesn't understand, leading me to conclude I won't know what my bike is doing when those tables are accessed


The main feature of the chip is that it's cheap. And if at first you don't like it he'll send another.


Although there are many glowing reports, I'd take them with a grain of salt. He has not published any data that shows what the chips do to timing, spark and dwell. He says trust me I know what I'm doing.

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Ben : I have a 1999RT, and in my opinion swapping out the intake tubes for those from a GS is the most cost-effective mod you can make. Peak horsepower is reduced slightly, but there is a significant gain between 3000-6000 rpm, where I spend most of my time.



See: GS INTAKE MANIFOLDS AND CAT CODE PLUG "HOP UP" AN R1100RS/RT - Rob Lentini. The intake manifold change had an immediate impact; I tried changing the cat code plug, and found the bike to be nearly unrideable until warmed up.






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I've done the GS intake tubes too. I've had them in my parts bin for years, but just got around to installing them this spring.

I have no dyno results from before or after, but the engine does seem to pull stronger in the mid-range. I don't have a GS coding plug on hand, so I've not experimented with that.



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Gentlemen, thanks for the additional responses/information. Where would I locate these GS intake tubes, Breemer Boneyard?

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I think I found mine on eBay, but that was 10 years ago.... Here are the parts (#7 in the diagram):







Beemer Boneyard stock is variable, but it looks like at one time they had these for $35 the pair (which is about what I paid in 2007):



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Gentlemen, thanks for the additional responses/information. Where would I locate these GS intake tubes, Breemer Boneyard?


If I remember correctly, I got mine from the Classified section on ADVRider.

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