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Welcome back James


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Beemerman2k is back as BMW rider and as Admin...... welcome back ..... If this were Feistbook I'd click on 'like' :grin:

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Thanks, Francois. I often find myself wanting a "like" button here, too.

It'd be so convenient.


Yes, I am so happy to be back on the road. Very liberating. Strangely, I am eager for the summer to end, I look forward to riding in cooler weather. And I love the autumn scenery with the turning of the color of the leaves.


In any case, it's so nice being out there, after countless years of reading of everyone else's adventures.

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I just figured he had been banned...





Lol! It would appear the gods of motorcycling banned me for whatever reason. However, I've been reinstated back into the land of paradise! :thumbsup:

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