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R1100RS front fairing removal question


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My R1200RS has a owie on the LH blinker that needs to be replaced. I haven't been able to find a schematic on removal of front fairing assembly.


i am wondering what all needs to be removed in the process. I think all I need to replace is blinker lens and mount and a small crack in plastic, then probably a trip to paint shop for front fairing to restore bike to pristine looking condition.

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Hi Bubbadozer. Not sure what you mean by an 'owie'.

However, you are posting this in the wrong forum. You should re-post it in the releveant Hexhead/camhead/wethead forum.


Hopefully an Admin will remove this from the Oilhead forum...unless you can.

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Bubba has several other posts in this forum concerning his 1996 R1100RS. The subject line of this post says 1100, so I guess he hit the wrong key when he typed his question. I'm riding an 1100RT so I can't answer his question.

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I posted in oilhead forum, because that is what I have I thought. 96 R1100RS. I thought hexheads' were the 1200's, but then again I'm a newb.

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Thanks Sam, but I already had that schematic. I can tell from looking at it, that there is a lot more involved to get that front fairing off. Such as (I think) headlight assy, Inst cluster, etc, but I was hoping for a schematic.


Thanks for responding. I'm confused about the posting in the wrong location thing though. I dont want to be annoying, just trying to learn about the BMW I recently purchased.



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My BAD! I need to proof read I guess before I post, clearly... I accidentally typed 1200 instead of 1100.

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From the factory manual..


• Remove windshield.

• Remove side sections of fairing.

• Remove inner fairing panel.

• Unscrew and remove windshield adjusting shaft.

• Detach instrument cluster.

• Detach plug connections for flashing turn


• Detach top section of fairing.

• Remove headlight.

• Remove bracket for windshield.

• Remove fairing.

• Install in the reverse order of work.

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Thanks so much. I ended up buying a digital copy of the complete service manual and I think I'm set. Only other thing I have to do is either pay $400 to have the Ohlins reconditioned that are leaking or find some OEM that are still serviceable, and I will have a reliable bike.

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