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Changed my name


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I'm a new member formerly under Barry Jones. Found out how to edit my name on this forum. I changed it to my usual forum name "Nobrakes."

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What? Nobody gets it?


Welcome back Barry!


It took me awhile to figure out that just because no one responds to my joke doesn't mean they don't get it ;)



Also - and this took even longer to figure out - I realized if I stopped asking they'd stop explaining why they didn't respond ;););)



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LOL realshelby!! I'm trackin' what your laying down - funny and thanks! The name is a double meaning, i.e. No brakes because it's vehicle related and also as in no slack. Thanks for the re-welcome!

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Tall man; I can see we have jokesters in this community. I'm still laughing! Quite clever you are.

Edited by No brakes
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