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Southern AZ two-track and Montezuma Pass


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Found a nice little bit of two-track to feed my GS on Ft Huachuca. The first hill was a lot steeper than the video makes it look.




Looking South towards Mexico




Also, was passed by a couple of riders on the South side of the Huachuca Mtns heading up towards Montezuma Pass.




Heading down from Montezuma Pass




It was a good day for riding!!



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I took my little 650X Challenge out for a spin today. Managed to lose the left rear blinker assembly but LEDs are cheap. Anyway, had a good time getting to know my new-to-me scoot.


Pics taken somewhere within 65 miles of 31.397704, -110.413490 (Elgin, AZ).














It was here I noticed my LR blinker literally hanging on by a thread.











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Good stuff Mike, nice to see the GS thread getting some action, keep em coming! :thumbsup:


I'll assume you're liking the XChallenge at almost half the weight of the big girl, it changes nearly everything. I'm curious does it still have the air-shock (and how you like it) or has it been converted over?

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@mnTwin: It is certainly a blast riding out here and quite easy to get over your head this time of year (read monsoon season) with a lot of the fun riding areas flooding and or washing out. The 650X makes it that much more fun though.


@Bill: The lighter weight certainly does change things a lot. I learned/am learning to ride off road on the big GS. At just about 1/2 the weight, the X is so much more FUN! I can see where slabbing it for hour after hour on the X would make me numb versus the GS. I never understood how much fun the dirt could be on a lighter bike until getting this one. I cannot even imagine what kind of stupid fun a 250cc would be.


The X has an air shock and I don't mind it...it does what it's supposed to do. But I am getting ready to purchase a lower rear shock (thinking hyperpro) and drop the front an equal amount as the X is a little tall for my short 28" inseam in slow technical stuff.

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The X has an air shock and I don't mind it...it does what it's supposed to do. But I am getting ready to purchase a lower rear shock (thinking hyperpro) and drop the front an equal amount as the X is a little tall for my short 28" inseam in slow technical stuff.


Yep I wondered about that, I had an XChallenge for awhile and almost couldn't touch the ground on it so I'd let some air out of the shock then the suspension wouldn't work, bit of a catch 22. Bet you'll really like it once the hyperpro is on, they're a great bike except like you say a little buzzy on the road but tht's all relative to what you're used to. Replacing the knobbies with something less aggressive will alleviate some of that but not all, seems like there's always a trade-off. They're sort of BMW's answer to the 690, almost as good offroad but better on.


I've got an XCountry I bought new and in the past year lowered it about an inch, there's an adjustment you can make on the stock shock which has helped. It's more of a compromise than the XC but still a fun little bike. When we'd ride around on the paved and dirt roads in WNC Whip always referred to it as the little devil bike.. :grin:

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the little devil bike.. :grin:


that cracked me up!!


If I couldn't find an XChallenge, the XCountry was my next choice.


The X will be my main off road ride and the GS will do limited off tarmac duty but mostly will be for longer slab trips.


We're signing papers for our new house tomorrow and the movers drop our stuff off on Monday. I'm thinking this weekend will be my last riding for a bit until we get the house in order.

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Went riding with a buddy today...did about 150 miles (130 on dirt) with the little X. This thing is such a blast to ride on the border roads.



Glamor Shot





Wonder if this cow was thinking "None shall pass!"?





The last time I crossed this the water was thigh deep and flowing fast. I think I like it better this way.





This does not look like the Arizona we all know...





Big skies and big country. Love riding here.



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Mike, think I made the joke before but the Army really should use you as a recruitment campaign. ;)

"Big guns & dirt bikes all before 9am" ooh yeah!! :thumbsup::grin:


Nice pics, that almost looks a little too green to be southern AZ. :dontknow:



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"Big guns and dirt bikes..." The Army used to have dirt bikes in its inventory for MI folks (CI and interrogators) in the light divisions (think 7th ID, 9th ID, 25th ID, and maybe 10th ID). Think they were diesel KLRs.



I know...the monsoons really do a number down here with making things green. By this winter/spring time it'll all be brown again.

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