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Dumb seat move, stuck now


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Ugh. 2004 1150RT. I didn't put the seats on correctly. Front seat not all the way in, rocks around. Rear seat latched -- barely, I think -- and I can't release it. I'm afraid I will shear off the key if I keep trying.


That was dumb.


Can anyone suggest any options?




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do you have a second set of hands? if so, try to keep some reasonable pressure (not so much you think you're going to shear it off) on the key while the other set of hands "adjusts" the rear seat at various angles and pressures until you find the place that releases enough of the tension the locking pin (on the seat) is putting on the catch (which you are actuating with the key).


good luck!


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Thanks, Josh.


Got home, went for it (with a spare key!) by myself, and lucked out. All good now.


If only that made me smarter.... :P



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The popular way to remove a stuck seat like that is to hit the seat with a fist with the fist in the position like you were holding a chicken leg with the big end of the leg pointed to the sky and thumb up.

Turn the key as you smack the seat.


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