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BRAKE! flashing LED brake light


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I'm dusting off my R1150R tht I haven't ridden for a few years and

have forgotten a lot about it.


I have one of those flashing tail light conversions that worked beautifully, but now doesn't light up. No changes have been made.


Fuses and battery are OK, there's power to the stock (disconnected) tail and brake light connectors in the house but none thru the little control box to the LED control board which resides in the stock socket location.


And of course I can't find my wiring info and can't find the company on the internet (gizmo something or other)


Appreciate any tips.


Just for starters, are the stock connectors supposed to be disconnected? They were when I took the light housing off.


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Wow, been a long time since that came out, have one on the recently sold GT.

Can't find paperwork either.

Try disconnecting?

Mine has functioned for the 10-12 years it was installed

so I was lucky.

If I find my instruction sheet I'll let you know.

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Well, blushing, I figured it out.


Got to thinking about the double terminal male

spade lug connector adapters that fit over the single

male lugs on the LED module that apparently came with the kit.

Figured they had to be there for a reason.

Close inspection revealed tiny scratch marks on them.

Took a deep breath and hooked up the stock connectors to

the 2nd male lug on the 3 respective connectors.


Voila!! The stock connectors are a loose fit on the

double male adapters, must have all pulled off when I

removed the light housing without me noticing that.


Thanks for your trouble.


BTW, the bike has to be sold. 33200 miles, very good

condition, several little extras.

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