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2017 IBR

Shiny Side Up

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Shiny Side Up

Rode up to Minneapolis to watch and cheer on the riders participating in the 2017 Iron Butt Rally.

Had a good trip and got to have a face to face meet with some more folks I've chatted with on the IBA forum.

Riders from all over the US, Australia, the UK, Japan, Tasmania, etc. Had dinner with 3 guys from Australia and they were just a hoot!

I did not make the drawing for 2017 but that's ok... Maybe in 2019?

This is my Spotwalla link for the ride to Minnesota.




Great time at the banquet, chatting with friends and now watching the riders progress on Spotwalla.

You can view them here: https://spotwalla.com/locationViewer.php?id=429


To see their progress you have to refresh the page every so often.



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Shiny Side Up
Anyone know what number KT is?



Not unless the rider gave them password access to their individual spot tracking.

Spot numbers on the public page are kept confidential for a number of reason... and the numbers will change at random.

Only the IBR staff that's tracking the riders on a separate password protected page know exactly what spot number represents the identity of the each rider.

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