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Free Photo Editor?


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For years I've used Pixela 3. Perfectly adequate for my needs and useable by a bear of very little brain.

I just got myself a new used confuser and in searching for a Pixela download it seems it's no longer available.

Can anyone recommend a practical photo editor? I don't need something as complex as Photoshop. Free is best!


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The editor included with Windows, Paint, works for 95% of my editing needs: crop, resize, rotate, change file type, occasionally adding text.


When I need more features I use GIMP, which is totally free. It's easy to use for basic enhancements and there lots of tutorials on YouTube for the more esoteric features. Has many plugins available and most Photoshop plug-ins will work also with GIMP, though it sounds like you will not need them.

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Picasa is really good for simple editing (cropping, lightening, darkening, etc). Unfortunately, google has discontinued Picasa in favor of their online photo editor. Fortunately, I saved a copy of the installer. Let me know if you want it.


Gimp is the open-source equivalent of photoshop. It is extremely powerful, and extremely complex. Even simple tasks are nontrivial to perform.

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Ended up downloading Picasa 3. I had been typing the name wrong. ( :dopeslap: )

Just goes to show, getting old ain't all it's cracked up to be. But so far it beats the alternative.


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