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New from Raleigh, NC


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First BMW MC, had a dozen or so E30's, 26's, 36's, most TT cars. Been riding for 40 years, one huge wreck.

Mostly retired, but busy with a new grandson, so not a lot of time for bike trips.

I am really enjoying this classic airhead, with all it's 1930's technologies(jk). Although I've said this about every bike I've ever owned, this time I'm serious..I'm keeping this one.

I went on a small road trip (5+ hours) to the East Coast "Gathering of the Airhead Clans" in Ferguson, NC, and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Great people.


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Shiny Side Up

Hey John,

Welcome to the asylum...

Beautiful motorcycle - a classic!!!

Looking forward to your input.

We can get "noisy" but are harmless!



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Welcome, John!


I think you'll find that image links don't work here unless they end in the file extension, e.g., ".jpg".

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Welcome John and fellow Wake County resident!

I do hope that I was not the medic that transported you when you had the wreck. This is a great place and there are at least seven of us within a 30-45 minutes window. We range from R1100, R1150, K and a few R1200's.



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