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bluetooth ear buds

Wayne Johnson

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Wayne Johnson

Has anyone figured out how to use Bluetooth ear buds with a Sena smh10r? I just did the cheap Panasonic head phone upgrade but still not satisfied with sound quality.

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Someone on another forum asked similar question in regards to the SMH10 and new Apple bluetooth earphones.

Sena replied that the current technology would not allow transmission between the bluetooth earphones and Sena unit.



Maybe a possiblity in future Sena units,given the rise in number of bluetooth earphones?



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I think the quality of the audio you're getting is a reflection of the earbuds.


That having been said, could you try this idea? Bluetooth Transmitter


I know it seems like a work around, but you could velcro the transmitter onto the side of the helmet, and even use it on other devices, when not riding.


...trying to think outside the box. ;)

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