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1st decent ride on new to me bike...


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So I had the chance to take the bike (that I bought about a month ago) out for a little explore tonight. I wasn't sure where to head, but decided to top up the tank just in case. Decide to go west, following a windy road that follows a river (and that I haven't driven for about 20 years). There used to be a bike wrecker down there, where I used to get parts for my CB in the Olden Days. Turns out to be a nice 2 lane... lots of upscale houses there now. I couldn't tell where the bike wrecker was, but I guess his whole outfit is gone, and the large lot has been subdivided and turned residential... Oh well, the road was nice so I keep going... Eventually residential peters out, and finally nice black top turns to gravel. Oops. Oh well, I was curious to see how whacky the R1100R would feel on gravel, so why not now? I know I'll cross paved highway in few miles, so I go ahead. :dopeslap: Feels a bit squirrelly, and the road has areas of loose soft gravel, so I am careful and keep speed reasonable. Those years of bombing around on dirt bikes come back to me. The occasional section where there's a "floating" feeling is a bit disconcerting, but not too scary. It was nice there was no traffic, so I could plod along at maybe 70 km/hr and pick my lines. Definitely not knobbies on the front! Maybe 5 miles of this or so, and then back to asphalt (yay).


I decide to keep going following on the other side of the river now. Nice road but unfamiliar territory. No reason to ever drive this way before. I think I should be able to hit some cross road turn right (N) and eventually right again (E) to close the loop and head home. But.... every cross road is gravel. Ugh. Still nice evening so I keep going, find a paved cross road, head north, but again every cross road is gravel. Just when I'm considering bailing and just backtracking, I avoid geese walking on the highway, and then the 2 lane road abruptly ends?! Turns out the highway ends at a public beach on Lake Manitoba. It faces North-West and the lake extends something like 60 (?) miles that way. Nice view. Looks like ocean coast line. Gives me a chance to stretch, wash bugs off the visor and snap a couple pict's.


Backtracked home and got back into urban just as the sun was setting. The bike ran great, and other than a bit too much buffeting from the blast coming off the BMW windshield, was comfortable. Total was about 240 km, but goes to show how getting away from the main highways, and hitting the back roads can find you some new and interesting scenery not far from home.


Turned out to be good evening! Bike gets 2 thumbs up. Even handled some gravel!




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I think you have to use an image hosting site such as FLICKR, Smugmug, ... there are others but both of those have worked well for me.


OH, nice looking R!!

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Nice write up. Glad you had a nice first bonding trip with your new bike.

Keep on exploring, there are lots of hidden roads out there.

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not sure why the link is shown, but image isn't embedded in the post ?


Nice photo!. :thumbsup:


Dropbox doesn't embed photos to forums too well, if at all. It will link over just fine. Like Mike said, you need another hosting site to embed your photos into the post.

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I think you have to use an image hosting site such as FLICKR, Smugmug, ... there are others but both of those have worked well for me.


OH, nice looking R!!


OK thanks for the tip... I've already got a photobucket account so I put it there. That works fine.


Thanks for the compliment on the bike. Here's a better pict. Funny I've had it a month, and these are the first pict's I've taken of it!? I'm usually better about documenting my "stuff" in case I ever need to fight with an insurance company. :mad:





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Thanks for taking us along on your first ride! Great looking machine - many miles and smiles await you!

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Nice report.

I've got one too and love it - plenty of mid range grunt and lighter than the RT.


Here's a snap of mine.......Andy (Boffin of this parish) came with me when I got it, and subsequently acquired a gorgeous anniversary 850R for himself.




I'm sure you'll have fun riding that bike for years to come.



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