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I think they let all the new design school grads loose on that one.


In European cities, scooters are everywhere. You see rows of them parked on every block. The eventual production version of this will make sense there.

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It's not your father's BMW, for sure!


BMW scooters seem to be a bust in the US. I was at Gateway BMW Open House a couple of weekends ago. No new scooters on the floor, no used ones for sale either.

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I did notice the standard BMW plank seating...

"It can be adapted to suit different needs in numerous ways. It can be either a sporty single-seater, a seat bench for two or anything in between giving the concept vehicle a distinctive visual and functional character."


It's called "functional character" now. :/ They won't even pretend it might be comfortable.



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I did notice the standard BMW plank seating...




Truly a concept of those that have never taken a L-O-N-G trip! :)



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