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98 R1100R spedometer questions


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I recently bought a non running R1100R. It has several issues, most I have or am in the process of sorting out. I was told it has a non working speedometer. I purchased a Clymer manual and searched on the web, but can't get too much info on troubleshooting it.

when I spin the wheel the part that looks like the slotted screwdriver head in the drive nut doesn't spin. Assuming either it or the drive dog is toast, the cable looks original and is worn down to the metal casing in a spot. . It spins, but not easily. This is ABS equipped. is the drive dog something that strips easily , or is it probably the gear in the drive nut? can the drive nut be taken apart and reconditioned?

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Hello, beemuker -


Here's a post that may help *link* .

thanks, that's probably my problem too., the cable is seized up and it has probably caused the dog to wear the drive unit. I'll pull the wheel and have a look.
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took the wheel off.appears the cable froze uo which caused the worm gear on the plastic bit in the drive nut to get chewed up.

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