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PIAA 1100x driving lights replacement bulbs


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PIAA has discontinued supplying spare/replacement bulbs for this series of lights. I found some new/old stock on eBay at tomsclassic. The offer 2 complete lights, housing, connector and bulbs for $95 USD including shipping in the US. I now have two spare bulbs and housings a whole lot cheaper than new LEDs at $300-400. You may PM me if you need more info.

Bill P

Please note that this is not a complete kit with wiring harness and mounts.

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I've been searching high and low for similar product including the 1100x....no luck. Let me know if you find a source.


I am in the same boat with PIAA Cross Country HID Aux Lights. Less than 4 years old (to me), replacement bulbs no longer available (WTF?). That kit was several hundred bucks.


On my other bike I also have a 1100x. I should be the poster boy for anger towards PIAA's lack of reasonable support for older products.

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When I was looking for bulbs recently, one respondent told me he'd had good luck getting MR16 LED bulbs from Home Depot and transferring the lenses from his old PIAA 1100X bulbs to them. I tried it, but couldn't get the lens off the old bulb without breaking it.

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I had sent a support request to PIAA about this, and I finally got a response today:


The 1100X lamp and bulbs have been discontinued about 4 years now and the last of the bulbs seem to be gone. I know we are no longer making them. There is a bulb you can use in it’s place. The bulb type is an MR16 and there are hundreds of versions of it on the market. I bought around 20 I thought matched the best and picked the best from those. It is a PLUSRITE bulb sku number is 844366032462 description is 12v 50w EXT/C you can find it on 1000bulbs.com for around $4 They also have LED options but I have not tested those. However the price is right if someone wanted to do the research. I have included a link to it below. The only difference is the lens is flat on the new bulb and not domed like the PIAA version. With a flat painters razor blade you can separate the PIAA lens from the cone and high temp RTV glue it to the new cone.



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All my eBay order shows for the seller is: tomsclassic (46114). I think if you go to eBay.com and search for tomsclassic then select to see his items for sale you'll get to the PIAA 1100x lights. I don't know how many he has left.

Here are some photos of the lights from tomsclassic, they are identical to mine and the bulbs tested good:, well I would insert photos if I knew how. Email me if you want to see what the lights and bulbs look like.


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Thanks for sharing the PIAA reply. I've ordered the M16's for my 1100X.


I had also sent a similar question to PIAA Support for the Cross Country PIAA HID Bulb (also discontinued) and will post their response if I receive one.

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I received a response from PIAA regarding the HID bulb. I'll check with Trail Tech. I'll likely make the switch to LED but I am not convinced after this experience that PIAA is the wise choice.


Thank you for contacting us. The Cross country bulbs are no longer available as far as I know. The company who made them was called Trail Tech. You could try seeing if they know more. If you would want to send your old Cross Country lamps into me I can give you 50% off a new set of my LP270 driving lights. I have included a link to them below.

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