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EzCan questions


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As I contemplate how to best 'farkle' my new 2016 Wethead RT, the new EzCan looks like the best way to wire up auxiliary devices. I really would like to avoid splicing into the wiring harness, and the idea of utilizing the "WonderWheel" and customizing the devices is intriguing.

Here's a couple of questions for those who are using the EzCan:

-I would love to use my rear powerlet outlet for my Gerbings--AND varying the heat via the Wonderwheel (like the heated grips and seat.) Is this do-able? I realize the Gerbings controller "pulses" power to their jackets to regulate the heat level, but wouldn't it be great to eliminate that bulk? Yeah!

-Looking to add either Hyperlights or Skene Lights for better conspiquiity front & rear. Would EzCan work in place of their controller? Again, I don't want to splice into the bikes wiring, which seems to be required with Hyper or Skene.

Anyone out there finding creative uses for the EzCan?

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Tough to answer as it seems you will be the first. A couple of basics which you seem to be aware of. The beauty of the EzCAN in the simplest terms is a power distribution block and as long as your accessories fall within the load limits it will power that accessory w/o timing out or blowing the main line fuse from the battery.


The sophisticated integration of the wonder wheel dimming function might work, but the fine control of temperature may, or may not, compare to the PLC control of the the Gerbins controller. I'm no electrical expert but I think rheostic control is influenced by the load and your control may not be as linear as you like depending on how your dimmer wonder wheel switch interacts with the heated apparel. Since the high current branch circuits don't care what is consuming the current, just as long as maximum current isn't exceeded it is worth a try. You might want to do a temporary wire up to test before a final install.


As far as the lights go, I think you are right to bypass the vendors control and maybe it is as simple as disabling the function in the controller (a pass through setting). If not you may need to splice into the wires feeding the lights. If you don't want to do that, you might consider selling these lights and buy some dumb lights on the Internet. Mine cost $10 out of Taiwan and are plenty bright.

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No go for the Gerbing wonder wheel question and yes for any rear light of your choosing. EZCAN will drive a rear light and pulse when rapidly decelerating.


I chose to use the P3's as designed to retain the flicker - bypassing the EZCAN.

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