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New multi-function box - rubber bumper "spring"


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Hi All,


I recently installed a new multi-function box latch mechanism in one of my saddlebags, as I experienced the somewhat common "broken latch tongue" failure. After the repair I noticed that it took considerably more force to open and close the handle(s) on the repaired bag. To the point that it feels like I'm going to snap the same part on this new assembly.


At first I chalked it up to the characteristic of a new mechanism, but since then I have discovered an additional rubber bumper with a triangular profile in the inside corner of the tongue piece. It ends up being compressed by the edge of the luggage rail when the bag is locked in place. This rubber piece does not exist on either of my two original saddlebag mechanisms.


I am considering removing it because the actuation force seems excessive. Does anyone know the history for this rubber piece, and have a recommendation? Is this commonly removed by owners to reduce stress on the tongue? On the other hand, did BMW later add this rubber piece to better secure the bag to the rail?


Thanks for any insight that you might have.

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