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K1200lt rear wheel removal


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Hi all. Kwik question. Couldn't find answer on K side of forum. Does any body work have to come off a 2000 k1200lt to remove rear wheel ? A buddy just bought one and is coming over today to replace tires. I've never worked on one. Thanks all

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Google search on your thread title yields many, especially from bmwlt.com.

Looks like you can do it on the centerstand, removing rear mudflap. Good idea to strap front wheel to centerstand to prevent bike falling over. Lots of torque involved.

Torque value for wheel nuts is meant for threads clean & dry. If you use anti-seize reduce torque value 10-20% to avoid stretching threads.


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The rear fender comes off wth 2 screws, put the bike in first gear to prevent the wheel from rotating . remove the lug bolts only and the wheel will slip to the left off the hub then roll back .

Leave the caliper alone.

I believe the torque values is 76 ft lbs.


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