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Tire Pressure Sender Unit Battery


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Anyone had to replace a tire pressure sender unit battery yet? The pressure displays have taken longer and longer to come up recently and this morning I got the dreaded low tire pressure RED warning about 10 miles down the road. Pulled over and the correct pressure came up. Checked the tire and it was fine. So, I suspect the batteries are at their end-of-life. I don't recall seeing a post relating to this. I'm guessing this will fall into the normal maintenance category, i.e. not covered under warranty.

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Thanks but I had already seen the video. The question was if any Wethead owner has had to replace a battery. My bike is a little over three years old now and that seems about right for a lithium battery but my barreries shouldn't be the only ones running out if that is indeed the problem I'm seeing.


Possibly a better question would have been is: has anyone experienced a Tire Pressure Monitor failure and if so, what was the cause?

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Your bike is only 3 years old. The battery should last longer than that. Mine is 9 years old and still works. Not for long,

I assume, and will change the batteries at the end of the season, when will change the tires, as well. As you seam to suspect,

there may be some other problem there.

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Thanks for that bit of info. Since the tire pressure receiver is now connected through the Clearwater CANopener, I think I'll eliminate the CANopener as the problem source first.

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