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Brake Pad Piston Push


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I am trying to drop in new front brake pads and the caliper pistons don't seem to cooperate to set deeper to make room --- so I have to bleed fluid trapped in the calipers because of the ABS ? All 4 Pistons are free moving.

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Its normal to have to push the piston back to fit new, thicker pads.


I made up a nifty system of little wooden blocks to act as an assist and brace to ensure I don't lever hard against the rotor and to ensure I don't scratch, dent, or mar anything.


A perfectly sized block fits on the opposite side to support the rotor, then I use a wooden lever (shaped a bit like a doorstop to carefully push them back). It does require a fair bit of force but I have never had to bleed.


I use a similar procedure on my R1150RT, my wife's F800ST and both our twin GS's.


If bleeding is your only option, a good quality speed bleeder will save you any hassle of air getting in.

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As you push the pistons back the fluid flows back into the brake control module. The module is not a closed system. There are 2 vent lines, front & back, that go to the area behind the right footpeg.


Are you removing the calipers to do this? Leaving the brake lines attached. You can twist the calipers enough to get better leverage on the pads or pistons.


Be careful torqueing the 2 screws that hold the calipers. Steel screws into aluminum can strip easily. DAMHIK !

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