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Corbin Seat


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Was wondering if anyone in the Connecticut area had a Corbin on their RT or if anyone has purchased one and what their opinion is. I found a like new used Corbin that will fit my 2016 RT. Wondering how the install and fit and finish is. Obviously I also am very curious how they are for comfort. Have heard they are extremely hard but eventually will break in? My other choice is a new Sargent but the Corbin would save me about $300. I never see used seats for the newer RT and was wondering if there would be any interest in the seat if there was something I didn't like about it.

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If you compare the seat pans between Corbin and Sargent one appears to be made in the Stone Age and the other, the Space Age. The Corbin I had was a very comfortable seat but, the mounting directions were heavy and hard to read. (Stone Tablets) :grin:


The Sargents I've had and have are OEM quality fit and finish. :thumbsup: Honest opinion, they are comfortable but, only about 8 hours comfortable. The Corbin was 12 hours comfortable. And the granddaddy of them all was the Russell Day Long at 17 hours! :clap:


Easy to flip if you don't like it! :cuz:



(Your butt's opinion may vary) :grin:





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I have to agree with TEWKS, the Sargent is the better product. The Corbin is hard, and some like it, and some don't, it depends on your ass!

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I don't know about their seats for the new bikes, but I put a Corbin on my 1100RT just after buying it in 2006, and it was still on there when I sold the bike ten years later; if got any softer, I sure couldn't tell.


Don't get me wrong, I liked the seat - but I think it was more like heavy old school boots where your foot eventually broke in to the boot and not the other way around. ;)

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I have had a couple Corbin seats. The one I had on the RT was a good commuting seat but after about 2 hours I simply could not stand it. For commuting it was great, lower seat height.

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Corbin is the only after-market seat that I have used. I like it, but can't compare to others.

However, the mounting is poor. If I remember right, its mounting post is attached to the rear fender (which is plastic) with 2 screws. They pulled out as the seat latches hard and exerts a lot of upwards force. I added "fender" washers to the under side of the fender and used 1/4" bolts to attach the post. I put the bolts in from the bottom so the nuts would not rub the tire if bottomed out.

Second thing is, the Corbin does NOT supply BMW connectors for the heat system. They use connectors between each wire; works, but ...

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Whether a good used deal is really a value depend on what your butt tells you. If you buy the Corbin and don't like it you might get most of your money back reselling it. Maybe also check out the return policies for Corbin and Sargent. I couldn't find Corbin's on line but Sargent is 30 days with some restrictions (stock item in new condition yada yada yada). Maybe you can have your cake and eat it too and check out them both.


Never had a Corbin, but I now have about 500 miles on a new Sargent on my '15 RT and like it a lot. I had a Day Long by Russell on my '99RT and it is all that and a bag of chips.

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Second thing is, the Corbin does NOT supply BMW connectors for the heat system. They use connectors between each wire; works, but ...


This alone is enough to put me off Corbin if I even need a replacement seat, which to date (K75RT, R1150RT, R1200RT & R1200RT LC) I have not.


I did however get the Corbin Smugglers Trunk for my 2008 R1200RT and what a great thing it was! They got a good colour match despite all the disclaimers on the website (which for a UK buyer was a bit off-putting), it was straight swop for the pillion seat, looked OEM and held so much stuff. Only two faults with it; the cost and the silly decision Corbin took not to fit a standard BMW lockset.


So I got all excited when, after what seemed like an age, they brought out a Smugglers Trunk for water cooled RT. But then the true hit home, same silly lockset but now you also had to replace the rider's seat in order to use the Smugglers Trunk. Double whammy - much more expensive, and the loss of the OEM heated seat connectors (or you had to do Corbin's job for them and the source the connectors yourself).


After a few discussions with them over the years I am not sure the term "customer service" exists in the Corbin dictionary!

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