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Another GS question - binding shifter


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2005 R1200GS - 70K miles

All maintenance is up to date and been routinely accomplished.


More times than not, I have difficulty downshifting. When it occurs, the shifter is rigid ... no movement. I can wiggle my foot a bit and it works.


Only on the down shift. Upshift is normal. Once the shifter frees up, down shift is fine. Never grinds.


Close inspection shows the jack shaft seems to have a lot of play ... laterally and circumferentially.


Are there serviceable shaft bushings?

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Afternoon Mitchntx


Everything with a corresponding number is serviceable from BMW parts.



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What are the part numbers for 8 and 9


Morning Mitchntx


#8__ 23417674079 BUSHING (2 ea) $5.65


#9__ 23417673906 WASHER (1 ea) $3.51

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