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Prescott area to Yosemite in late June


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We're meeting family in Yosemite June 21-24 and want to ride there. Objectives are 1) avoid slabs as much as possible 2) avoid the CA central Valley due to heat mainly 3) we wish Tioga Pass entrance would open but with 50 ft of snow it is not a viable entrance, is there another high elevation route to get us near Yosemite?


From Yosemite we feel our free Canadian Parks Passes burning holes in our pockets. We'll be headed north as twisty as possible.

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Sonora Pass is currently closed. Is there a southern pass that can take us to the west side of the Sierra's

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Danny caddyshack Noonan

Monitor the Tioga pass website. Can't recall the url. They blow snow up to very deep. A lot of that pass is in the sun and just some stretches in shadow. Keep monitoring and you will be able to see, daily, where they are with clearing. This assumes they'll start in the near future.

Edit: 120 east of 395 isn't a bad ride at all. Especially the washes when the road seems to fall out under you.

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Looks like only 2 of the roads are currently closed, but you will need to enter the park either from the South or the West. I see some slab riding in your future... :(


Rt 41 out of Fresno might be your best option.

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Danny caddyshack Noonan

For access to the great white north eh, I would go up 395 or 49 until you can access 89. 89 tends to stay in the Sierras on into the Cascades. Pretty country and plenty of twisties. Plenty of sightseers too. If you take 89 around the west shore of Tahoe, be very careful for idjits making u-turns from the shoulder of the road.

Then back stay on 89 or 395. The alternative is to slab across the state to Hwy 1 and coast.

Either going or coming, the Hwy 93 crossing is usually quiet. It also has the benefit of giving access to Hwy 37 along Lake Koocanusa. It is an epic ride.


BTW: Here is the Tioga url. Clearing . Looks like you are on the cusp.

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We decided with the heat and Tioga Pass still closed that a cage and slab were best. Tioga and Sonora Pass are still closed, the alternative was too hot! When we passed through Needles on Tues with our car it was 125°F! Hope this heat lowers as we would like to head to Canada in 2 weeks and use our free park pass.

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You made a good choice,it is pretty miserable here in California.

I'm just south of Yosemite and it's been 105-110 for the past week.


Hoping for a cool down too,as I will be headed out to Monterey for WSBK races,then to Utah for the BMW Rally,in a couple weeks.



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