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TyTass suggested reposting my message from yesterday as a new topic in the UnRally topic for better visibility. Here goes:


My wife and I will be hitting the road north on June 26.


My 71st birthday will be June 25.


We will be throwing a 71st birthday/moving in party on June 24.


PM me if you are coming from the south and a) want a place for an overnight stay on the way to Fontana Village and/or b) want to come to the party, then continue on to Fontana Village.


The address is 504 Noelle Lane, Dahlonega. We have a double garage, with one garage reserved for motorcycles. We are in the middle of some spectacular riding roads, paved and unpaved, and it should be a ~4 hour ride to Fontana Village:





At the moment, we are still in the chaos of unpacking, but everything should have settled down by mid-June.




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