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Wiring aux lights to high beam


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I purchased a used set of PIAA 1100 series lights with harness to install on my 2003 1150RT. There is a wire which the instructions state to connect to high beam. I understand why but I do not know what wire I would tap into. I have a Clymer but still don't know where to connect the aux light. They are wired to the battery but it looks like the relay needs the power from high beam?



Bob W

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The Rocketman

That wire is just the trigger wire that is activated by a switched hot when you turn on the ignition, and if you tap into the high beam (+) wire, the PIAAs will only come on when you have your high beam turned on. If you want the PIAAs to work independently, so that they can be used on high beam or low beam, just run that trigger wire to any switched hot wire (like your tail light wire) and it will work just fine. That is assuming you have a PIAA (or similar) separate on/off switch). If you don't you can always splice in a switch, otherwise they will ALWAYS be on when the high beam is on. The high beam hot wire IIRC should be white but wait for others to weigh in who have your same bike. The black or brown one is the ground.

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Thanks Rocketman, yes the PIAA wiring harness comes with anon/off switch. And you are correct, the extra wire is a white wire. Your explanation and diagram helped me greatly. I did not think about just using any switched power, I was concerned by the instruction about high beams. But it would be nice to have the availability with either low or high.



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The Rocketman

They recommend using the PIAAs only when the high beams are on to avoid blinding people during the daytime, when you're not generally using the high beams. I have all my bikes' auxiliary lighting wired up with independent switches and grab a switched hot from the tail light wire, so I can use the lights with either the high beams or low beams at my discretion.

If you have a low wattage parking light bulb that always stays on, like the one in my R1200C headlight bucket, you can tap into that one too, if its easier and closer.

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Wire them so you can use it as you want, high or low.


Too many reasons why, and not one good one not to, IMO.


Mine were wired to my turn signal cancel switch using

the Euroswitch (Autoswitch).

A great way to do it, don't know if it is still around, but simple thumb movement could activate, and yes, cancel still works too.

Best wishes.

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Or you could just trade for an RT-P and use one of the many auxliary switches.


Just kidding of course, but there are usually plenty of spare switches on an RT-P and they show up on eBay all the time.

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