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Flat tire fun in Parker, AZ!


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Some friends and I took a ride to Parker Dam for the weekend. On the way down one of my friends pulled over on his HD. His bike was riding funny...had a nail in his back tire. He managed to get it plugged with little problem. As I was leaving Parker Dam, my bike felt a bump. A minute or two later my TPM alarm came on. I pulled over and found a two inch gash in the center of my back tire. I still had some pressure, about 20#. Fortunately for me my friends had a can of Slime. We put that in the back tire, a Z8, and I re-inflated to normal pressure. I got to Lake Havasu City and spent the night. We left first thing in the morning. I managed to get all the way to Santa Clarita with a tire full of Slime. I'm replacing it today.

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I've seen a can of Slime used only once on a friend's rear tire and it didn't work, at all. It pissed out of the hole as he ran down the highway putting a nice lime green racing stripe up his back. :spittake:


I had to break open my new BMW plug kit and fix him up. He rode it home from the west coast and continued riding on it until it was toast.


Glad the Slime worked for you, maybe they reformulated it to be less slimy and more sticky. :stir:



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