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2017 NMSitM Check-In


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Home at 2:45 pm.

Exciting weekend with terrific weather (for a change!)

Thanks for giving in and having us up again this year Joe!

Mark, we are thinking of you. Hope you feel better soon.


Here's some pics:









There are stories that go with each of these pics...


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Made it home by 3:00. Showered and put my gear away before SWMBO came home from her outing today.


Thanks all, other than the one roadway incident it was a great weekend.




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Absolutely a great weekend for riding. NmS2018 is a go for April 27-28-29.

Mark you have a year to heal up. We all want to see you there.


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Another fine event Joe. Good seeing all the bunch.


Sorry to hear about Mr Goodrich. I heard different stuff on this Fri night. You know how it all gets twisted around... Perhaps someone knows the exact story and can share. Learning about accidents makes us better riders.


I left Sat morning with a bunch of riders headed to the valley. After a quick spin through, made my way to my cabin for a weekend of CalFire compliance clean up. Left the valley

on CA 140. After passing the ranger station entrance, I observed a line up of cars 4 miles long waiting to enter. Should be better when they get the slide on CA 120 sorted out.


See some of you the end of this month in Weaverville!



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I left early Sunday and got home safe early.


The lady at checkout mentioned she hoped the rider that crashed was OK.

WTF? I didn't hear anything before she mentioned it.


I caught up with 2 riders just as we approached the little dragon. The lead rider on a FJ1200 gave me a proper tow through to Colterville, big fun and no traffic.


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The lady at checkout mentioned she hoped the rider that crashed was OK.

WTF? I didn't hear anything before she mentioned it.

Gary, the rider that crashed on Friday broke 4 ribs and needed to have a lung re-inflated. He's still in the hospital with lots of pain. Meds don't appear to be managing the pain. The crash was't high speed but did occur in an out of the way place with many curves that can catch a rider or driver off guard especially when sand is present. I could imagine that it took awhile for emergency services to arrive. The damaged motorcycle was put on Cornelis's truck and Cindy brought it back to the Comfort Inn. The bike is repairable as far as I can tell. I'm sure you are with us in wishing Mark a speedy recovery and return to his home in Austin as swiftly as possible.

Hi Mark, :wave:


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Oh absolutely, yes, hope he makes a full recovery.

I just had no idea what happened, minor or major.

Thanks for filling in some details.


I'm surprised no one said anything and the lady at checkout had to break it to me.

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Jai, Mary-Anna, and Thor all home safe. Rode up to Hetch Ketchy dam on the way. We all had a long day as my airhead crapped out and I had to be towed home. Electrical problem of some kind. Had a great time as usual. Will probably make it to Weaverville so will see some of you there. Thanks Joe and Juanita for putting together another great get-together.

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