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Spring Torrey '17. Time to tighten up those reservations.


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I just got the following from Michelle at the Chuckwagon. This is what she has left for Spring Torrey. She would like us to have them, but if we don't book with her by May 4, she is going to have to release the rooms to the general public and to the booking agencies like Expedia who will help them fill the spaces ASAP.


Therefore, it's important that if you're going and need a room, that you call her immediately. Also that if you have already booked, PLEASE call her to confirm.


OK, here's what they've got left:


The 3-bedroom Family Suite for 3 nights: 05/19 thru 05/21


One small room above the General Store with 1 queen bed for 3 nights: 05/19 thru 05/21


One 2-bedroom Cabin for 3 nights: 05/19 thru 05/21


One Double Queen room in the main lodge for 2 nights: 05/19 & 20


They will be released to the public on May 5th if no one wants them.


In addition, to everyone: Please confirm your reservations to avoid

any misunderstandings for that weekend.


Thank you for you help and we'll see you in June. --Michelle

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