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Odd noise


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I've been unable to ride due to Rotator cuff surgery but start the bike occasionally to see if the battery is still good. I notice when the clutch is out in neutral at idle there is a bit of noise and it goes away as soon as the clutch is pulled in. Don't remember hearing this on my 2014 RT. Sounds like it is coming from either the left side and/or the front of the motor. Normal?

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Normal. Almost all wet-clutch bikes make that noise. You're spinning fewer clutch disks and not turning the transmission input with the clutch in.

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Noise is normal.


I think it's better not to start up a bike for a short time just for battery check/charge without getting up to operating temp under load. An alternative is Battery Tender mentioned or I like the Optimate charger/desulfator that can extend battery life. Plugs right into the bike's Canbus 12V socket or you can wire a pigtail to the battery:



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Like other have said the noise is normal. But I wouldn't check starting the bike. You are depleting the battery with each start and quick shut down. Again like others have said you should use a battery tender to maintain the health of the battery.


I don't have any data but if I remember correctly it could take 10- 20 minutes of riding to replenish the battery after start up.



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+1 for Optimate...even has desulfating function for neglected/older batteries.


No worries, the noise is normal and I wonder if it has to do with the centrifugal assist mechanism employed to lighten the clutch feel.


The K5x clutch makes a little rattle noise, but not nearly as raucous as my neighbor's Ducati dry clutch that could wake the dead when disengaged with all those plates rattling :Cool:

I always tease him with "Loud clutches save lives" when ever he grumbles about the overly loud Hawgs in the neighborhood.

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The battery had gone dead and I had a new Harley charger that charged it overnight thru the pigtail wired to the battery. I was surprised how the clutch noise resonated thru the fairing, don't remember it being that loud on my 2014. Once I start riding I probably wont even notice it.

I am wondering what everyone chooses for a dust cover for the time their bikes sit in the garage. Don't think I need a cover for travelling. My garage is always dusty from the tractor and lawnmowers and the sheet keeps blowing off when the garage is opened. Thought about the bmw all weather cover but wondering if it would be a pain to put on and take off.

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Not as fashionable as the BMW cover but an old king sized bed sheet works just fine for a garage dust cover.



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Don't know if BMW changed something in the clutch between 2014 and later years, or between models, but my 2015RT makes a slight clattering noise when engaged in neutral. Can't hear it when riding at all.


To get around the bed sheet blowing off is to use a fitted bed sheet. The elastic hugs on the tires and fenders enough to keep it in place. I got mine for free because the wife buys all the bedding and by the time she caught wind that one went missing it had enough garage goober on it she didn't take it back...I survived the scolding. Goodwill is a good place to get bed sheets cheap and saves some marital disharmony as well.

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I have a Nelsen Riggs Defender 2xl cover for sale.


Used for a while, then put away.

100% waterproof.


WinDshield protector.


I also seam sealed it extra when new (comes already done),

and treated w/additional repellant.


Would work in garge, definitely, and comes w/carry bag.

PM me if interested.


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I have a 14RT and it has made the noise you speak of from day one , the bike now has 72,000 miles on it and has never had a clutch issue so I'm guessing it isn't anything to worry about.

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I try to ride every day and do several long trips per year , just got back from a 7,100 mile trip last week , Houston,TX-Lake Havasu City, AZ-Denver,CO-Albuquerque, NM -Providence, KY and home., It really helps to be retired :) !

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