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F700GS Shifter and gear indicator


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A buddy of mine is looking at a lightly used 2015 F700GS at the local dealer. He test rode it today, and noticed that the shift lever was bent inward and the gear position indicator didn't work. The dealer says he'll replace the lever and look into the indication. The bike was shipped by the original owner, and the dealer thinks the lever was damaged in shipping. My buddy says there's no sign of the bike being dropped elsewhere.


Does anybody have any idea what could cause the gear indicator not to work, and whether it should be a purchase disqualifier? Not knowing anything about the F bikes, I have no idea whether a drop could damage the gear position switch.


On edit: I think I might have found the answer to the gear position indicator question. Apparently it's only there if the bike is equipped with the On Board Computer option, which this bike may not have.

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Morning Bill


Without a little more info there is a lot of guessing here.


Any idea on exactly what the gear position indicator IS reading in every gear range? (this might help us determine the cause)


The gear position indicator just reads off the shift drum like other BMW's


It might be as simple as a JUST a bent shift lever rubbing the case & not allowing full gear engagement, or could be a bent shift lever & a bent shift lever shaft, or ????


Or possibly the bent shift lever & the faulty gear position indication not working are caused from different reasons.


I guess I wouldn't suggest buying that bike until the problem(s) are at least found & identified.


A new shift lever shaft is no big deal (lot of them get replaced) but internal trans damage means a complicated engine removal & time consuming engine splitting)


Added: just removing the front chain sprocket cover can show you the trans gear position pot--I have seen a few that the position indicator potentiometer wire was not in it's retaining clip & the chain then ate a chunk out of the pig tail.



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