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Condor Motorcycle Garage Dolly--Any Experience with this?


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I really don't see any advantage over the park n move unit. Good idea, but just doesn't seem to work in the real world. I wouldn't be too trustworthy of the bike just being held with the front wheel clamp. Which brings up another issue, backing the bike off those type of front wheel clamps!

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My experience with the Condor Wheel Chock has been phenomenal. I have had one in my trailer for about 8 years and it makes trailer loading a breeze. There are knock-offs of the design, but the genuine Condor is amazing.


I like it so much that I just ordered this new design to replace a Park-n-move that I own. I like the Park-n-move for its form factor, but I never really felt like it was secure as I moved the motorcycle around. I will be giving up the convenience of the small footprint of the Park-N-Move, but I will gain the security of the Condor design.


My $.02.



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I'd want to see a video of someone pulling/pushing a heavy bike around on uneven concrete first.


See the site link provided above. There are videos there, as well as more on YouTube.

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John Gregory

I bought one at the national rally last year. Love it. A Kawasaki Vulcan 1500 sits on it regularly. Easy enough to move around the garage. My wife can move it!


Highly Recommended!





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Just yesterday I was standing in the garage wishing my R1100RT was on one of those things so I could move it without taking it off the centerstand, jockeying it around and putting it back on the centerstand. But, I think I could build something suitable for less than 464 bike chips. I'm was an experienced fabricator (in a former life)and my bro-in-law has a welder.

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