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Kudos to Ted Porter and Yacugar


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I just wanted to publicly thank Ted Porter, Jeff Favorite (the Beemershop) and Yacugar suspension for taking care of me with a recent issue.


I bought a pair of them for my '04 RT a few years ago and quickly put on 25k, which was the first scheduled rebuilt interval. The shocks, btw, are an amazing improvement over the stock units.


After another 10k miles, I noticed the rear suspension "squeaking" and decided it was poor lubrication on the lower bolt. That fix lasted about 10 miles and it was time for winter layup.


This spring I contacted Jeff Favorite @ Ted's and he said it was likely the lower spherical bearing. Sure enough it felt rough.


Since it was under warranty, I sent it back and even though Jeff was three weeks behind on other customer's orders, he managed to do the fix in one day and get it back to me this past Monday.


So I get to ride it to the Fontana MOA Getaway tomorrow. Although, taking my backup, R90s wouldn't have been too shabby either.

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