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How do I change the headlight on my 2002' R1150 RS


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My headlamp is original, and I would like to change it, before it fails me someplace. There are not exactly very many R1150 RS Oilheads out there. So, finding anything out about working on them, and parts, is not the easiest. I would appreciate any input here, including on what bulbs are currently popular. I try not to ride much at night anymore, but do get stuck out there with the deer once in a while. I am in southern Oregon, and the deer population is just exploding. I never saw one in my yard during the 27 years I've lived here, and now, I have over 10 ever single night, and they are all over the county here. I rode down from Bend to K Falls, (about 120 miles) a couple of weeks ago at dusk, and started counting. By the time it was dark, I had counted over forty standing next to the highway. Last year, we hit two in our cars between Medford and Klamath Falls. Thanks for your help and advice.

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During oilhead production, @56k RT's and about 1/2 that number RS/RSL's in the USA. (from memory but close)


So, they are out there.

I'd consider adding additional running lights.

Lots of them out there.

Used to be MotoLights and PIAA's were it.


Now there are a bunch of LED options.

They will solve your illumination issues and you won't have to mess w/stock headlight.

If me, I'd do Motolights for all time on triangle/conspicuity.


Then add the LED set up of choice based on budget and what you like for additional illumination times.

Best wishes.

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I have LED bulbs now in both R1100S and RT, front and rear. EZPZ install, no drama, BIG improvement in lighting. Also installed modulators front and rear - GREATLY improves conspicuity (if you like that kind of thing).


HID bulbs (that I'm familiar with, like in my car) require a "ballast". The bulbs last a very long time, but the ballasts burn out. That's $130 each on my car and a HUGE PITA. Ever see a car that you have to remove the front bumper to change the headlight??

It may not be as bad on a bike - but check.


LED's are remove/replace - no ballasts. You do need to check for fan clearances. Most LED's have a rear mounted fan for heat dispersal.


Check all your bike's bulbs here:

Super Bright LED's





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Shiny Side Up

You might look at ADVmonster.com - run by a guy named John.

He's a "resident" on the ADV forum - has some good options for LED aux lights and headlights. They use a mesh heat sink so no small fan to fail on ya'.

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