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Portable electronics battery source?


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I have a couple of portable electronics (Samsung phone and tablet) that are a few years old and the batteries won't last like they used to.


Looking on Amazon and eBay uncovers real hit-and-miss results from different battery suppliers for the quality of their products.


Does anyone have a reliable source for these types of batteries?


Mike Cassidy

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Same issue with my phone. Not keeping a charge. Took it to Batteries plus, and they installed a new battery for 40 or so bucks (with a coupon). They also guaranteed to replace the phone if they broke it. This was on a sealed Galaxy S6. About a month into it, I am happy. I also carry an Anchor battery backup with me for recharging things while camping.

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Dave McReynolds

I've noticed since the latest ios update that my iPad and iPhone are discharging more rapidly than before, like every day or so rather than every few days. I suppose it could just be the batteries wearing out, or maybe more things are being left on in the background because I haven't shut them off lately (why does ABC news need to know my location even when I'm not using it?), but I wonder if the latest ios update included some new power hogs that I'm not aware of?

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... I wonder if the latest ios update included some new power hogs that I'm not aware of?


We updated all ours to 10.3.1 a while back and haven't noticed any difference in battery life so far.

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