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Can't Remove Side Case From '04 R1150RT


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Side case (left) opens with no problem but the latching mechanism will not disengage from the "grab rail" when the single handle is rotated up. I sprayed WD40 in all orifices and tapped the inside of the case with rubber mallet. Forum & Google search had nothing. Any known issues/fixes for this problem?

Thanks, Paul

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With the case closed, lean into the case with your hip while you try to raise the handle.


Is there any feeling of something mechanical going on when you lift the handle?

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Can you see the plastic hook directly below the "lift-lock handle" come out and retract as you raise and lower the handle??


Locked position, handle almost down, hook extended:



Unlocked with hook retracted: 6_juoARGgfmroHAA82N8csPXlySf8Ix-xR9pOPFp5EnfXDFKz2qyT_Lf3TeLQ-iWXhropEd_e0eR5oHm-ubkHiiQh9xd433-ej9aCbIuI259RkAxR5b74yxsa_5NMQMPU0OzJqm_bRj19C-TSv7wCwsFIzEf6YWk5lR9Ut0OvHaAogRo_BIV2SiHJQpBqy-kdOMkXFMZDwVyjEHG1dhlO1wt80_RvBLAVxVJmw_0EG-Y-_pp9lLiEfKxU-baCJWnd0HyW1quDBAQbsCQuhKgHAqh9Wua61xTSOOuUH9RJLoTrW4hWpoXJ1jaWiwYlqsW8gKMvQvsayha-ZrblZ2pZzeJV9OCGhGMRLfju3ysbMu6WOq74BFe51LySysovbkBTVpVOnEJjqSFh4_KmzthmeLL89gm8yTx-SilonnA4VL2MV-KlbWXKYHI3HKRAkQHuqpFRSuEPTl7pkm-PmNrFoLj22bgNCYWUiYHbFPRlHL6SceWWxDfoGwojarWWQSHjYo2PScKmV0Q81r5DHNv4t2CiXoBuWqMYAkC2VLKZ-s17EFCxwlDvxyTuMjDjOsyvMTr5kwVCu9DIWxUSipOP0DeBaI1KvHCQh39-hQZlomIbxZHZavrsMfRciCGHmF65ASGOQqVsN-FlS7rWv1xo3cfeP5WfvYAuMQKmJGuvg=w1261-h709-no?.jpg


If you can see the hook retract as you lift the handle, get a bigger rubber mallet. It should lift straight up and off.




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If the bike was tipped over, the lower bracket could be bent a bit, holding the bag thru friction.


Or if someone used the rail to "support" bike when changin tire.

Seen it.


Have someone assist and counterbalance bike when you fram on it.

Best wishes.

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