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tank bag for big phone?


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Looking for a small tank bag to keep crap in but most reviews say they do NOT fit I-phone 6 (big one) not sure what that is, but my phone is big. Would be nice to see it with gps capabilities etc. Anyone know of one that'll work??


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Hank R1200RT

Can you point out some which do not? I have a 6s Plus, the big one, and it fits in most tank bag windows OK. What do you have? Note that the 6, 6s, and 7 are all the same size, as are the 6 Plus, 6s Plus, and 7 Plus.


If they don't fit, not really a tank bag IMHO.

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When my company upgraded my iphone 5 to a 6, I had to use the bag to use Waze. Unfortunately, the phone does not like being in the bag (map pocket) because of the buildup of heat within the pocket. The phone shut off because it got too hot.


I've since replaced all my 5 mounts for 6 mounts and now am worry free.


So, just a bit of warning. If you throw that phone in the map pocket and the sun is beating down on it, your phone "may" decide it's too hot to work and shut down. The operating temps of the iphones are between 32* and 95*F,....I've had them shut down at both extremes.

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