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Temecula Days 2017 Ride Tale


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After what what seems like ten years of broken promises about the Temecula Sand and Sea Ride this was the year when Todd, graydude, guaranteed we would experience both.




Hopes were high as the group began the ride:







Sorry...wrong picture. Here is the correct one:








As we were heading out we passed some of Todd's Temecula neighbors and asked them if they'd like to join us, but they didn't seem interested:







Excited to begin a day sharing the freedom of the road we pulled out of Old Town Temecula and got on the 15:








One of our first destinations was Anza-Borrego Desert State Park where the wild flowers were said to be in full bloom. Based on Todd's descriptions we all eagerly anticipated seeing flowers like these:









What we actually saw didn't quite live up to Todd's hype:








One of the other "Must See" destinations on these rides is the spectacular view from the roads near the Palomar Observatory. We all know that capturing the majesty of mountain view in a single photo is difficult, but I did my best:









After the thrilling and scenic first half of the ride Todd headed the group toward the Sand and Sea portion where he assured us we would likely have the entire beach to ourselves:









With the first beach location a bust, Todd led the group down to what he described as a more isolated beach that required that we ride on a road that might have a little blown sand on it:










After some effort we arrived at the beach where we met some local ladies who it turns out had attended the same high school as Todd... but 15 or 20 years after he had graduated.








With the sand and sea destinations finally achieved we headed back to Old Town Temecula.


As the group's ride leader, Todd insisted that us guys ride in a safe manner including ATGATT, but for some reason he seemed to be making an exception for one participant:







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Sounds like an awesome event! Unfortunately, we miscalendared the date and were in Temecula a week early. Now I'm bummed to have missed it.

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Don't know how I missed this till now ...


Eddd, ya still have a razor sharp memory even after being subjected to such an incomparable event where lesser mortals might have given into the fog of dementia in an attempt to purge such images :rofl:

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