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Anybody have a "parking trained" motorcycle?


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That brings back a lot of memories from my younger days. Except I didn't seem to have any trees that were friendly enough to hold the bike up for me. Unless you count keeping the bike from rolling all the way to the bottom of the hill......

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Decades ago while preparing for the Cherokee Enduro; we were out clearing trail when Brent (big and strong enough to chase bear with a switch) rode his Yamaha 125 (too small for him) down a steep hill and it got away from him and went up a tree. Brent held it up there until he could lower back down between his legs and continued the rest of the way down. You had to have been there!

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I'm more impressed by the rider (presumibuly) haveing the sense to hit the kill switch on his way off the bike.

Likely this wasn't his first Rodeo........

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