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Autocom or Bluetooth?


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Just picked up a new to me 2014 R1200RT yesterday. I've playing around with the the audio on the RT without much success. I have a Sena 10R and can't get any music. I've put a micro SD card in - nothing. A 16 GB usb stick into the cable in the glovebox - nothing. I have been able to get GPS voice commands from the Nav 5. I also have an Autocom Logic unit and am wondering if this wouldn't be a simpler way to go. All I want is some tunes and GPS voice commands. I don't care about phone or passenger talk. I ride solo nearly all of the time. Been using Autocom for many years on many bikes and it always just worked. All of the music is in .mp3 format. Thoughts on Autocom or Bluetooth?

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Rick...great bike..quirky audio especially Bluetooth...but is solveable. Firs...the music on your thumb drive has to be MP3 format only. If saving music down, save in MP3 or convert it with some of the on-line conversion programs.


Watch this video and follow it step by step and you will sync your SENA with everything. The bikes instructions are useless for this.



Good luck

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Congratulations on the bike. Condolences on the Audio problem.


I have a '14 and I use the Audio system (just like you want to...) on every ride. I have the Sena SMH-10 and while it is not the very latest model it works for me.


The referenced Youtube video will probably do exactly what you want. It really helped me. But you need to follow the process exactly... and cannot leave out steps just because you do not want to hear phone calls. The system has to be set up whether you use it or not.


First Question: can you make the audio system work via the bike speakers? (sitting in the garage... just playing?) This means the AM/FM Radio and/or the tunes on the flash drive?


If not... that tells me something. Are you certain the new-to-you bike has the audio system? I think the full audio may have been an option. Can you hear GPS prompts via your Sena Headset? Did you get the various manuals with the new-to-you bike?


While you do not care about phone or passenger talk... you will need to pair the phone to the GPS anyway. You do not have to use it but you do have to pair it...


My suggestion is to do it exactly like the RKA video says.... exactly. It will work.... (if you have an audio system.)


Once you have achieved the (RKA video) pairing you will not have to do that entire process every ride. Once success has been achieved the only thing you have to do for (every ride) is to pair your phone to the GPS.






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I just got a 2016 with the sound system, and I bought a Sena 10U that fits my Shoei helmet perfectly. I am like you, no phone, no rider to rider communication. Just GPS, and music. I followed Hopz guidelines, watched the YouTube videos, but finally ended up following the 'Expansion Stage 4' instructions in the Audio System Manual. I use a Sony Walkman and Bluetooth it. I set the Sony to auto connect. The only minor glitch is the Sony won't connect if the bike is turned on. So I turn on the Sony and let it connect to the headset before turning on the bike. The speakers came with a foam cover that I installed. I can hear music at 60 or 70, and if everything is off there is very little wind noise. Another thing is the GPS volume was too loud, and it would not let me adjust the volume. So I unmounted the GPS, turned it on while the bike was off, and lowered the volume. I get static garbled voice from the GPS but still usable. The satellite radio isn't as clear as the Sony. One more thing is I have the Garmin smartphone app, and I bought a $5 weather app that let's me see weather radar on my GPS screen. I had rain coming back from Arizona, and I called up the weather radar, I could see where I was, where I was going, and the rain clouds. This let me adjust my route!

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Along the lines of pairing a 2016 RT with the bike's audio system, GPS, phone, and Sena SMH10, has anyone been able to make them all work at once? I can pair the bike to the Sena, but if I pair the GPS/phone to the Sena, the bike audio is dropped and cannot be retrieved. Per Sena, the 20S unit is the only option for accomplishing this. Has anyone heard if the new Nav VI runs through the bike's audio system, or is it BT only? My ultimate goal is to be able to pair my phone to the GPS and be able to get instructions through the Sena while listening to XM via the bike's stereo system.

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Hello Interesting. Welcome on board.


You have the same hardware as I do and the pairings all work for me. Yes, I had to fuss with it but once I discovered the youtube video it worked perfectly. Let me assure you that the SMH-10 WILL work just as you want... mine does.


By the way... your difficulties are very common but the good news is the youtube video... also known as the RKA video which will get you fixed right up... IF and its a big IF... you do it exactly like the video shows.


Also very important the very first- first step is to reset all your device to the cleanest possible condition.




Note: the video shows a guy using the SMH-20... but since you and I both have the SMH-10 let me promise you - just follow the directions- it will work.


Now- one more thing... please edit your user profile and tell us where you are located. There might be someone in your are who has already broken the code and who could lent a hand.

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I use the autocom for the following reasons:


1. Multiple inputs, radar, cb radio, Bluetooth from nav v,phone, intercom and bike audio. Autocom enables me to listen to the bike audio and have priority on the cb radio,intercom,gps and telephone if in use.(lowers or cuts main audio temporary.)


2. I do ride with a passenger so intercom is needed.


3. Big plus was I already had the autocom from my prior bike so cost was minimal to set up.


Those that have this system know the sound and noise canceling are great on a properly set up autocom unit.


This is especially noticeable when you have a passenger. Mics are vox and outside noise sensor activated on avi and spa systems, so mics are turned off with no background noise amplified thru the headset until used.




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Ditto on the autocom. There are so many options and no pairing issues with the Bluetooth to cell ph ever, and no batteries to charge. It all just works once you accept having a cord from he bike to helmet. The cord is just not a big deal.

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Interesting -

I have a 2012 RT and a 20S and I've been able to pair everything, but the quality of the audio from the bike was horrible. So I turned off the bike's Bluetooth, bought a separate Bluetooth transmitter that I hooked into the bike's audio, and now its all working and with quality audio.


A lot of how to get this done is based on the Bluetooth protocols and sometimes, the order you turn things on. Sometimes you need to experiment with the order things get turned on/connected.


Sena suggested I pair things like this:

GPS - follow the instructions for pairing a GPS

BMW - follow instructions for A2DP pairing (this is listed separately in the 20S manual)

Phone - HFP pairing (this will allow you to make/take calls but not use the phone for playing music)


This allows exactly what you want - directions via the GPS, phone notifications via the GPS (but answer via the Sena), and XM radio. Oh, and intercom with a riding buddy if I so choose.





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Thanks for the help and support. Finally got what I wanted - music and GPS voice directions in my helmet. The RKA video was very helpful, as was a short call to Sena. Just knowing that others have done it kept me going. Thanks again!



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