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TEWKS, If you would

KTM Doug

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Tuesday 6/20/17 On road headed east.


Wednesday 6/21/17 On road and arriving home late PM.




Sounds like a fantastic trip! However, I wish you had time to extend your trip east another week so that we would see you at the UnRally this year!

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That's nice of you to say Bob, Thanks! I wish I had more time too but I guess in the big picture, it's pretty hard to B&M about only having nine days of riding out in Colorado and Utah. :read: I'll give it a shot though and see what happens...No, no I won't! :rofl:


Marty, plenty of asphalt mixed in with this one and we all know you do that very well! :thumbsup:



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Don't know if it's just me but, isn't it fun to say the word Moab? :grin: Ok, just me...:dopeslap:


Things to do in Moab.


Shafer Canyon Rd. part 1


White Rim Rd. part 2


White Rim Rd. part 3


White Rim Rd. part 4


Now with that out of the way, heck there's no need to leave the couch! :rofl:













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Colorado Itinerary June 2017


Friday 6/9/17 Depart for Colorado early AM.


Saturday 6/10/17 On road.


Sunday 6/11/17 Gateway Inn Salida Colorado.

Ride Marshall pass to old Monarch Pass and on to Pitkin for lunch.


Monday 6/12/17 Gateway Inn.

Ride 50 to135 up to Crested Butte then 12 to 133 on to Marble for a BBQ lunch.


Tuesday 6/13/17 Eureka Lodge just north of Silverton Via GPS route.


Wednesday 6/14/17

Leave Eureka Lodge and cross Ophir Pass to 145 and up to Last Dollar Rd. Then 62 to 145 to 141 up to Gateway and hopefully make it to the car museum they have before it closes (3:00 ) then on to the Grand Mesa lodge in Grand Mesa Via GPS route.


Thursday 6/15/17 Moab Utah at the LaQuinta Inn. Ride into Arches National Park.


Friday 6/16/17 Moab Utah at the LaQuinta Inn. Early start to ride Shafer Canyon Rd to White Rim Rd in Canyonlands National Park.


Saturday 6/17/17 Ride back into Colorado Via 191s-46e-145s-184e-160e-550n Staying in Durango, Silverton or Ouray depending on time of day and room availability. Shortcut

could be back over Ophir pass.


Sunday 6/18/17 Camp at the Monarch Spur Campground. Weather permitting.


Monday 6/19/17 Salida Colorado at the Silver Ridge Lodge. Load up truck for AM departure.


Tuesday 6/20/17 On road headed east.


Wednesday 6/21/17 On road and arriving home late PM.

The bikes are fitted in the trailer. (GS and Tiger are just a wee bit wider than two MX bikes) :grin: It's getting real now & the excitement is building at a rapid pace! :Yes: Anyway, I realize there's a lot going on at this time of year but, if anyone wants to join in, it's an open invite! :read: Now this does exclude Wednesday the 21st, you'll have to go to your own home. :spittake:




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Was going to bring my buddy by the wall and show him the fine restoration job he did! :clap: Maybe say hello if he's in town! :thumbsup:







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Thanks Mike! :thumbsup: I'll try to post a pic or two as I go. My phone and Photobucket don't play well together most of the time but we'll see. :computer:



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