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Fuel Module Redux


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My bike is a 2000 R1100RT in the U.S., with 100k mi. Does it have; O2 sensor, potentiometer, cat converter. I'm looking to install some kind of device. Thanks, this forum is a fantastic place to get information!

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Evening SoCalBmr


At 100K and who knows how many owners only you can tell if it still has a cat. & operational o2 sensor.


Your bike came from the factory with an O2 sensor,


Also came with (& still has) & Throttle Position Sensor (potentiometer),


It didn't come with an idle potentiometer though (those came on the non-cat bikes),


It also came with a cat converter from the factory.



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Thanks for the reply; Supposedly the bike had only one owner who maintained it fastidiously with BMW brand fluids and parts, but there was no provenance for that, and no owner's guide, either, both having been "misplaced".It was however in great shape, so I am hopefully confident that it is totally stock. It runs great. I'm just looking for something to futz with, and a fuel module turned a good-running bike I used to own into a different machine that was more exciting to ride.

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